Here we go again….

Well after a week away i’m getting back ‘on the horse’ so to speak, and getting back into work. A few new developments going on to keep you all updated. We’ve found a fantastic couple of paper products which we’ve tested and they are amazing……magnetic paper!!!!! Kinda like Magnetic Vinyl but you can put this stuff through your inkjet or laser printers and the results are totally stunning. Give us a call and find out more.

We’re now on Twitter & Facebook!!!

Just a quick blog post to let you all know that we’re now on Twitter and Facebook! Keep up with what we’re doing by following us.

Twitter = @easy_products

Facebook =

Really hope to see you on there with us.

Container arrives… the rain :-(

Well we had been warned that a 22 foot container, full of packaging materials such as packing tapes, floor tapes and vinyl samples was arriving today, but it didn’t quite prepare us for the nightmare!! The container arrived at around 9.30am this morning where Nev and myself greeted the driver. ‘Have you got any bolt cutters to get this security bolt off’ said the driver to us……..errrmmmm ‘no’ we both replied. A few phone calls later we had Sandler turn up with his set of cutters and finally the door was open. It was packed floor to ceiling. Then the rain started and didn’t stop for the next four and a half hours!!! We were all soaked and frozen solid. Still, job done, its now onto selling all these goodies now.

Well done England!!!

I know I shouldn’t be doing this but, Well done England on qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil. Great feeling to know the ‘lads’ are gonna be out there and trying hard for us. We all know that we shouldn’t expect much but, it’s never the same when England aren’t there.

Our first blog post…

Hello to everyone out there!!! This is our first ever blog post as a company but,  just as important, it’s also my own first blog post as a blogger! Glad to join the scene finally.

We are a Midlands based print and supply company who have a huge amount of products and services which can be helpful to many other companies and people. We also have a wealth of knowledge collectively as a company, and that knowledge can prove vital in many situations.

Read our blog, get involved, get to know us. On the notice board page will be funny snippets of what our resident joker Adam ‘Sandler’ Hamilton gets up to. His various pranks and jokes which always make the days go by quickly.

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